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Adrylan Communications, Inc. and Aequitas Solutions, Inc.

Partnership Announced

MURRIETA, CA and RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA, April 27, 2015 – Today Adrylan Communications, Inc. and Aequitas Solutions, Inc. announced a partnership that includes a seamless integration of the EADMS Assessment Platform and the Q Student Management System. The initial integration includes seamless authentication, sharing of core data and pushing assessment scores from EADMS directly to Q.

"Adrylan Communications, Inc. like Aequitas Solutions is dedicated to providing true solutions to the K- 12 industry and providing services that help teachers focus on students. Both companies share common values and principles that include honesty, integrity and service." said John Uhler, CEO of Aequitas Solutions, Inc. "This partnership allows each company to focus on and do what we do best while providing truly integrated top of the line assessment and student management services as a best of breed solution."

"This partnership, just makes sense… two great companies, both with great cultures, stellar customer service, and impressive client retention rates, coming together to offer better solutions for mutual customers. At the end of the day, it is all about the end users. They are what matter most” said Anthony Tooley, President and CEO of Adrylan Communications, Inc. and creator of EADMS.

About Aequitas Solutions, Inc.

Aequitas Solutions is comprised of an expert team, passionate about developing a seamless K-12 webbased Enterprise Student Management System. Q, it’s highly anticipated system features a full-featured SIS, innovative tools, and proactive data analysis allowing educators to more fully focus on the individual and constantly changing needs of students. Aequitas Solutions is a leader in innovative student management systems. Its mission is to challenge the K-12 industry by providing next generation student management solutions and building lasting customer relationships based on openness, honesty, integrity, and a true sense of partnership. Aequitas Solutions is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with regional offices in Alaska, Michigan and Utah. Aequitas is easily accessible for more information, call (909) 946-1600 or visit


Educator's Assessment Data Management System (EADMS) is a support life-line for your district, school, or classroom. It provides the necessary insight to help break out of instructional deadlock. EADMS gives K-12 districts the opportunity to see the performance lapses preventing your students from achieving standards mastery.

EADMS is designed to work with any type of student enrollment, demographic, and testing data. It provides two main capabilities to support K-12 schools: Assessment Creation, Administration & Data Collection and Robust Reporting and Analytics. For more information on the EADMS product, or Adrylan Communications, Inc., visit or contact us by phone at (951)506-3593