About Us

eadms is a next generation local assessment and data management solution optimized for online and traditional plain-paper assessment. We don’t make your students smarter, we give you the assessment tools to know where your students stand and the links to resources to maximize their potential.

eadms has been providing K-12 assessment and reporting solutions since 1998. Founded by a real data analyst, eadms was the answer to his wife (6th grade teacher) needing intuitive graphic reports for her principal. Word soon got out and he had to quit his day job! Over the years we added local assessment via scan sheets, migrated to online assessment, and eventually made the conversion to common core in 2013 to help teachers and students transition to the new technology item types and performance tasks.

Our mission, simply stated, is to be a trusted, long-term partner with each of our customers. We achieve this by working hard to develop creative, easy to use, and cost-effective solutions, and providing the very best in support services.

Our Partners

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