Educator's Assessment Data Management System

Report Card

eadms Standards Based Report Cards

eadms report card module is an easy to use, customizable template that allows teachers the convenience of building and printing a report card, while never leaving our platform. Demographic data and attendance information is populated directly from the district SIS via eadms. The Report Card comment section allows teachers to select from district-created comments, or create their own. Default values and “Select all” features save teachers time by pre-filling the report cards allowing the teachers to adjust grades/scores seamlessly.

We offer multiple language translations, and allow for supplemental documents to be attached directly to the report cards.

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Item Banks


The eadms platform is equipped to house custom-made district item banks, and vendor created item banks, such as EADMS K-2 Common Core, INSPECT Item Bank, Measured Progress Item Bank, Fluence Item Bank, and TE21’s CASE Item Bank. Item bank vendors upload pre-made, easy to access Tests, Interims, Benchmarks, and Quizzes. In addition, eadms will import any licensed publishers items of your choosing. Licenses to these premium item banks are available in EADMS today.

eadms K-2 Co-Op Item Bank
EADMS Kindergarten through 2nd grade Co-Op is in its final stages of development. With over 3000 Common Core aligned items, the cooperative has worked hard to develop challenging items that include some of the new technology enhanced features. K-2nd grade teachers are using these items to formative assessments in EADMS, offering their students plenty of practice before they experience their first Common Core test in 3rd grade.
EADMS includes the CCR Content Bank and CCR Quick Check content from Fluence, with the CCR Performance Tasks and CCR K-1 Assessments coming soon. The CCR Content Bank from Fluence is a native college- and career-ready assessment content for math and ELA in grades 2 through high school includes more than 35,000 items and 1,500 complex texts. The CCR Quick Checks is 636 fixed-form quick checks that address the key instructional concepts embedded in college- and career-ready standards (clusters for math, staircase of text complexity for ELA).
INSPECT® Common Core Item Bank
The innovative item bank has over 33,000 items written to assess the Common Core. Practical results allow educators to identify which students are having difficulty mastering particular concepts and the likely reasons why. Our items can be used as the driving force behind the shifts in pedagogy, opening doors for innovative teaching and student learning.
TE21, Inc. is an education company that offers assessments aligned to College and Career-Ready Standards/Common Core State Standards (CCSS), intervention, professional development, and a slate of other education improvement efforts for school and districts.
Measured Progress COMMON CORE Formative Item Bank
This is a high quality field tested item bank with premade “Testlets” and quarterly benchmarks. We built our item bank from the ground up to the specifications of both SBAC and PARCC. With over 7,600 questions covering ELA and Math, your teachers will realize a deeper understanding of student misconceptions. This is a formative item bank…meaning we broke the standards down to manageable chunks that inform instruction.

Measured Progress, a not-for-profit organization, is a pioneer in authentic, standards-based assessments. Since 1983, we have successfully partnered with more than 30 states and hundreds of districts across the nation to support their assessment programs. Today, we develop 21st century assessments for classrooms, districts, states, and consortia. We are proud to be the nation’s leading provider of alternate assessments for students with cognitive disabilities.